When you work at a company with small budgets, but a great product, you get to put your thinking cap on and experiment with ways to make unique, engaging content without breaking the bank. Lucky for me (and my boss), it's in my nature to get crazy with it sometimes. 

Whats more American then a PB&J, nothing. Featured on AdWeeks Food Brands Capitalize on Fourth of July to Build Long-Term Digital Chops, this one makes me smile every time I see it. 

Are you a Nut Case? We sure are! In partnership with The Nut Job, we created content surrounding the release of both the movie and the DVD. With this Instagram 12 second video, we challenged fans to show us their nuttiest face for a chance to win a prize. 

How do you talk about the Olympics, with food, without using the word Olympics? - See above.

My job wouldn't be complete without some recipes! I know what you'll be making (and devouring) this weekend.

Moms. They do, do do, so we wanted to give this year on Mother's day with this adorable video. Thanks Mom. 

Superbowl, the day every player dreams of. 

Who doesn't love Ants on a Log? When this project came to me, it was a few simple variations shot in a simple way. No thank you. We turned this one upside town and showed some wacky (but tasty) variations on this staple snack using Instagrams video ability.