Jamie B. Silver

Art Director. Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Photographer. Food Lover. 

Jamie Silver is a versatile creative who fuses years of graphic design and Art Direction experience with knowledge in marketing and social media.  A multitasking genius, attention to detail freak, and smiling through it all. Able to move seamlessly through roles and projects, never breaking a deadline or a sweat. Expert in managing large work loads while paying attention to every detail. Known for competence across multiple disciplines. Download my resume here, or visit my LinkedIn

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I love Pantone & Pattern & Cupcakes & love to experiment with merging these loves.

Combining my strong illustration skills, and eye for design, I was able to evolve my creative style, and now embody the potential to do anything (fun). Being in the design field for years, I has worked for many wonderful companies and clients and have become a versatile designer, illustrator and marketing guru. Helping to grow start up lines, developing brands and sometimes even designing for pleasure (gasp!) are just a few ways I spend my days. My vast skill set enables me to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of clients. Currently working as Art Director for a specialty food company that can be found in 25,000 stores nationally and is expanding worldwide, I wear many hats to keep this ship afloat.

Always willing to talk about freelance projects worldwide, I'm excited to see where this crazy career takes me next. 

I have completely fallen in love with baking. It began as an additional outlet for my creative mind, incorporating my design skills in the designing of the baked goods, and now has grown into a love, an obsession even. As a novice baker, there are as many failures as successes, which makes for an interesting (and messy) hobby. 

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." - Paul McCartney The Beatles

Why 128 john st.?

128 John St. is an address that has always meant a lot to me. We should always have a place to call home, and 128 John St. was always my place growing up. Named after the address of my Aunts home (RIP Aunt K), 128 John St. is a place where smiles were born, music was played, love was shared, the Beatles lived, and my heart always felt warm. Come along with me on the ride but hold on to your seats, although a sweet one, it will be a bumpy one.